Evolusi kl drift was directed by shamsul yusof last year with rm 2 million ringgit budget.
The shooting took only 35 day which is actually impossible for an action movie like that.
It had made a turn over rm 4.5 million riggit gross, and made history for its highest first day collection which is rm 500k over,seriusly people we need more movies like this in the future of our Malaysian movie industry.Because a lot of our malay people hated their malay movies nowdays, because of the bad quallity of our Malaysian film, but movies like Kl drift,cicak-man,anak halal were actually liked by the malay people and this is very good to know.
This was shamsul yusof 1st film and yet it turns out to be great and made a lot of profits.
His next film is called 'BOHSIA', a story about the mat rempits in kl, i hope it would be better
than the previous 'REMP-IT' movie. I'm not saying that 'REMP-IT' movie is bad, its just that i hope film in Malaysia will be better and better in the future.


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  1. Yeah..

    saye suke movie thriller mcm ni more than anything else.

    eh,byk tuuu profitnya. kire bgus sgt lah kan sbb filem pertama tp dah gempak mcm tu.

    semoga awk pun akan berjaya mcm tu atau lebih dari itu =)

    best of luck !