Estranged is a rock band from Malaysia,the vocal singer is rich from the akademi fantasia.This band really rocks man...i mean their music are awesome and their music video(yang pernah) really got the international quality music video.At first i thought that the music video was from an international rock band but i was shocked because it was a Malay song an it even sounded like an English song.I'm really proud of them for showing a different type of rock band other than the typical rock bands in Malaysia. I give rating to this video for 4.5 star.I hope in the future that there will be more bands from Malaysia like this one.MALAYSIA BOLEH!!HAPPY MERDEKA!!!


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  1. nice video from estranged

  2. i don't think it's that good..i don't really like that kindda band but not bad for a malaysian band.

    p/s:ur sis

  3. i dont think its that good eiher..i've seen better music video from malaysians..