Yesterday i surf and there was news and pictures of mtv asia awards 2008 red carpet moment so was looking at the pictures and suddenly i saw my self in the crowd at the red carpet picture .I'm proud man.....hehehehe...they were actually taking pictures of dafi and mila but i did manage to get in the picture, gosh!!! i wish they were taking pictures of pussycatdolls but well at least i still got to be in the picture though...haha..One day i hope that i got to be nominated in mtv awards, you dont believe me!!!well we wait and see....hehe..


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  1. OMG i never noe that ur soo intoo all this film industry thing..neway as ur sister i will always be ur supporter no matter what!cheers bro!mwah!

  2. bkn nak ajak aku pegi..sengal..saje je g sorang..hmph..!!

  3. huhuhu..bagos2