1st of all, i dont even know this nicholas teo guy, i dont know why suddenly he won the award.
His songs were ok....but not as good as Faizal Tahir or Pop Shuvit songs, i really thought that pop shuvit was going to win the award but it didn't happened that way, so sad i mean pop shuvit performance with project e.a.r that night was awesome and the 'marabahaya' song was so popular in Malaysia so i really dont get why they didn't win the award. I heard that nicholas teo is popular in hong kong but who gives a f@#k!!! This award is for favourite artist (MALAYSIA) not hong kong. I was there when he receives the award and i felt so sorry for pop shuvit ,i really disagree with mtv giving that award to nicholas teo, but by the way, the award shows was awesome and I'll never forget that night.


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  1. salam, kebetulan lalu cni..
    gw tgk dalam tv je mtv asia award neh..itu la..heran gak c nicholas neh menang..patut faizal tahir ke pop shuvit ke...kenal la jugak..
    so truskan mngeblog ya bro..

  2. hurm,kalo ikutkan bengang gak.but,nicholas songs sounds great.n quite handsome.owh yeah.but,btw anything happen we must support malaysia.okie??

    >>>eris harisa

  3. oh cool! :)

  4. style siot ko pegi, aku nampak muka ko kat mtv,10 kali kuar muka ko..


  5. syafiq noob

    -anonymous fren, hahaa

  6. haha...i have to agree though faizal tahir and pop shuvit are way better performers than nicholas teo..
    but u noe wat..he really made malaysians proud in places like taiwan, hong kong etc where typical low chinese adore chinese pop..
    he's definitely not my favourite malaysian artist!

  7. weh, bia lah nicholas teo menang. mmg dia famous pon.
    ce tgk, faizal n pop shuvit... org luar drpd malaysia kenal ke?

    at least nicholas is FAMOUS than they are...

    dan lagu die sdp..

  8. pop shuvit terkenal lar....japan hongkong china semua tahu pop shuvit

  9. pls do not insult nicholas teo!
    hu the hell are faizal tahir and pop shuvit??!!! they loss because they r not as famous as nicholas! the r not as famous as nicholas because they r not as talented as nicholas! common sense pls! in other word, they r LOSERS!!! if u dun wan ppl 2 criticise them, pls dun criticise others at the 1st place!!! i dun even know y did mtv nominated them! they r not even famous in malaysia! they do not deserve to b nominated at all!!! NICHOLAS ROCKS 4EVA!!! dat 2 fella SUCKS 4EVA!!! wah, so SYOK~~ muahaha!!!

  10. oklar..oklar..n.teo tuh sebenarnya ok tapi sebab aku nak pop shuvit menang sebab diorang punya lagu international..

  11. errr....

    who is nicholas again?? haha

    #love lagu marabahaya tu. rancak and i like it :)