There is no doubt that this red one camera is the future of filmmaking as said by the famous Malaysian director Mr.Afdlin Shauki.This camera is like a gift from heaven because of its function and the low price.This camera is not like any ordinary hd camera because its format is 4k and it is better than the film camera.A lot of movies in hollywood had use this camera and it is proven that it can compete with other camera, you can see it your self , i mean the movie jumper use this camera and the result was far better than was expected.I hope that Malay movies will start to use this camera, because this can save the production cost of a movie that we really need in Malaysia.It can also improves the film image quality of our Malaysian movies. This camera really rocks and if i have the money, i would buy it straight away.Mr.Afdlin Shauki planned to use this camera for his last feature film called 'PAK PACAK',i wonder when will he start the shooting for the film. Last but not list is that i just want to say to Mr.Afdlin that he should not stop making film because the movie industry in Malaysia needs people like you, so dont stop and keep fighting for your vision.!!!!!!FILEM KITA WAJAH KITA!!!!!


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  1. pergh,, bergaya gile kalau dapat pegang kamera ni atas bahu *berangan.. hehehe

    lah, citer jumper gune kamera ni ke?not bad.. best dan smart shots citer tu :)