The problem with some Malaysians is that they don't support their local movie&music industry because they thought that Malaysians movies and music sucks.Not even the showbiz industries but even most products that is made in Malaysia are not supported by Malaysians.It's hard to face the fact but unfortunately this is the truth.Come on guys, please support your local industries. I know (some) of the music and movies in Malaysia sucks but there are a lot of potential in our showbiz industry if people support them(when there is support,then there is quality).So i created a slogan which called SUPPORT TO BE SUPPORTED!!! which means that you need to support your own product for you to be supported later in life.Think carefully,for now if you don't support your local products then later in your life when you made your own product then people wont support you because they will just think that your product is another low quality local product even if its has a good quality.This phenomena is starting to get worse actually by more and more people hate their local product.Look at China for example,they use to have a low product but their people keep supporting their own product and look what happen to China today,they are the fastest growing economy in the world.So my point is that if Malaysians still don't support its local product,then it will just stay like this forever but i think that there is hope and i know Malaysians are very clever people and i believe in change.So to the people around Malaysia, SUPPORT TO BE SUPPORTED!!!


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