The world music industry is having a huge problem right now because the music listeners today wont spend their money to buy an album,this happened because they can just download songs from the Internet for free. A lot of record company around the world shut down their business because their album sales were down. The artist also start to face this problem and we can see it happening when international singers start to do other business like clothing line, fragrances, restaurant and lots of other business. They got to do a lot things to get more money, i mean look at the artists back 10 years ago, they didn't make any clothing line or any business other than singing, that's because they had made so much money on their album sales. If this problem wont stop, then the future of the music industry will not be looking so good.For me the solution is easy but it must be done around the world which is to banned the Internet downloads. If this can be done, i think it will give a big help to the music industry around the world.


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  1. setuju!
    but kemunculan indie band dgn album DEMO dan EP diorang buatkan industri muzik Malaysia bernafas kembali beb..

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