It's puasa time everybody!!!!I think fasting is fun because you can stop your self from eating food and control your usual bad behaviour like cursing, showing bad attitude and showing your middle finger, hahaha.....but that's what people do today and fasting can help you to control your bad attitude.I mean it's true because when you are not eating then your body will become more relax and i don't think we would have enough energy to curse and showing bad sign action haha...I'm 16 years old and fasting is already a usual thing to me and i don't find it hard but i still see that some Muslims people are not fasting, i mean why????? If you could party and dance all night without complaining then why fasting is a problem to you??? All i want to say is , to all Muslim people out there including me, benefit your Ramadan month and don't cheat in fasting.As the old saying of Malay people,'PUASA JANGAN TAK PUASA TAU!!!'


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  1. Fastinf Fasting!!..go get a chatbox la!

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  3. wah..bgsnye blog u nieh.. xD