Ohhh my god!!!!! I can't wait to buy his new album!!! The album title is called '[808's & Heartbreak]'. One thing though, i don't know why he sings a lot with the auto-tune effect but its cool and it sound great. His first released song was 'love lockdown' and i think the song is dope and addictive, seriously i got a lot of friends who hated kanye but this song make them sing!!!haha!!His second released song was 'heartless', but its not playing in Malaysia yet..I think this album is a tribute for his late mother who just passed away this year, no wonder there's a lot of sad songs in his album.Anyway i just want to say best of luck for kanye west new album!!! Make sure all of you buy his album alright, peace!!!


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  1. yeah,his song,love lockdown is cool!but..i think stronger is way better lol..