This is my new logo for my blog, it's simple but at least it looks cool to me ...and yes, i designed the logo my self. I used photoshop to designed it ,photoshop is very useful and i think everybody should have it...The purpose for me making this logo is because i want to promote my blog so more people can visit my blog. There is a lot things that i want to write and what i think people should hear, what i write is not about this and that artist are breaking up or non logical stupid gossips but i write things that can make people understand what they misunderstood and i write things to wake people up from their sleep.So if you want 'change' like President Obama said, just follow or subscribe my blog and you just made my day!!! Peace!!! See you again on my next post!!!


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  2. good luck bro! ;-)

  3. NICE...

  4. cool...!