When i was in kindergarten, i wish that time could move faster..........But today i feel that time is moving too fast!!! GOD!!! Help me!!! I'm in form 5 now and I'm taking SPM this November!!! This feels like a dream to me, a nightmare! Let me be honest, I'm not the 'A student' type so this SPM EXAM is killing me!!!!!!!!! I always failed my math! Aaaaarrrrggghhhh......!!!!!!!! I hate that subject!!!!!!!! It felt really hurt seeing the reaction on my mom face when she knew that i failed my math....What am i going to do??? Its the SPM EXAM!!! Its not a small matter!!!hhuuuuhhh...

Okay that was the bad story , now I'm going to write about the good story. The thing that makes me feel happy is that i got only 1 year left for school, after that.......FREEDOM!!!!!!! I'm gonna get my driving license late this year, make a short film after SPM and I'm gonna produce some tracks and become an independent artist...oh ya..I almost forgot, I'm gonna play a role in 'RODA-RODA KUALA LUMPUR' for the 2nd and the 3rd season...INSYAALLH.....


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  1. HEY U ADA X OST roda roda kuala lumpur....?

  2. chaiyoo2 syafiq!!!!believe dat u cn do it n pray a lot...gud luck 4 ur spm..!i'll be sitting 4 my pmr dis year n juz like u,i'm not good at math!!!!!know wat,sy penah mimpi mama awk,datin fatimah n from dat dream,i think she must be 'garang' rite???hihi..mandai jekk aq nih..tetibe jeh mimpi datin fatimah..hey,nice acting in roda2 kl..!=)i like it when u say "tension,tension!!"..huhu

  3. roda2 kl?
    lama tak dgr cerita tu.

    goodluck in everything.
    buat short film gempak, jgn tangkap muat!

  4. jgn tension2..

    math subjek yg sgt la best...
    mesti byk buat latihan...

    sure lepas ni tgk soklan je dah tau solution dia camna...

  5. Gud luck in ya spm
    it isnt that hard :)
    math is great altho i h8 calculations
    so gud luck
    igt da besa
    kecik lagi rupanya budak neyh

  6. dnt wrry maths is not as hard as wat u think...it requires a lot of exercise..do as much exercise as u can..insyaAllah..u can do it!