All i can say about this movie is.......okay larrr....It's not bad but i got confused a lot, i only understood 70% of the whole story. But the music scores are great and i saw fast cuts between shots which is good.Other than, the poster is nice and i thought that the idea of making this fantasy type of movie is a brave act from KRU studios. No offence to Mr. director Azhari zain but i think this film would be more interesting if Mr.Yusry directed it. But still, i don't blame Mr.azhari because as we filmmakers know that "No one makes bad film intentionally". I can't say much about this film because it would ruin my dad's political connect(if you know what i mean) haha.. Overall, this film is a brave step for the Malaysian film industry to enhance more film genre. It's a watchable film and i give 3 star out of 5 for this film. For 'Momok' film.....eerrr...eerr...i'll rather not talk about it..haha..

ps- I can't wait to watch "SANTAU", i heard it's good.


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