I made this short film in december 2009, just after I finished my SPM and had great times with my cuzzies making it. The weather was good at that time but it was damn hot and you can see all of us sweating in the video..haha..To me, I can say that i like this film but still, it's not my best work yet..this is just for fun.. I decided to make it as a comedy genre so that all of you can enjoy and have fun watching it..i hope you guys do lough..haha..Feel free to drop any comments..

Director / Editor: Syafiq Yusof
Produced by: Syafiq Yusof
Director of Photography: Syafiq Yusof/ Fadzhil Taj
Visual fx: Syafiq Yusof


4 Responses so far.

  1. weyh...aku pon budak lepasan spm...

    budak dari ipoh...

    aku minat jugak nak try wat short film camnie...

    peralatan yang ko gune selain camera ape ?

    atau pakai full-hd camera jer ?

    teknik plot cerita kaw teknik suspens dah jadi...

    good job kawan..

  2. klkr mse kau pkl tgn bdk 2...

  3. aku guna camera dv biasa jer..
    anyway..thanks for your comments.
    i really appriciate it..

  4. lawak gler r..
    first ak tgk ko wt ni mcm @#$% jew r
    tp pas ak tgk ak mmg silap besar r kan..best r..kire pasni org xleh ckp ko ni dudk bwh ayah ko lg sbb ko mmpu wt lebih r..good luck bro