As i promise, these are some pictures from the set of "khurafat" film that I've captured from my cell phone. As you guys know, i make the "behind the scene" footage..only two days gone by but I'm so freaking tired now..haha..working in film production is not like the usual work that took you from 6am to 6pm, instead you will never know when you are going to stop..if the director says "its a wrap" then you can stop, but if he says "move on to the next scene" then you keep going..Yesterday we wrap the scenes at 7 sleep you all should understand that making film is so freaking hard!! You guys should stop trashing and criticizing and start understanding peoples film!!! haha.. ok, I'm just I'm not........I'm kidding....haha! oh ya, I almost forgot to tell you guys that this film is using cinemascope film format like what Hollywood fims usually's freakin' cool! see you in my next post!


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  1. good luck bro! :)

  2. thanks!