I made this for fun.. it's not the official for the kl drift 2 movie okay.. this is just for me and my friends in the internet...and ya, its 100% computer generated (cgi). It took me about 4 hours to finish this 4 second clip..haha..I'm starting to love 3D studio max! what a great 3d software.. I wish i could make it 15 seconds and play around with the 3d camera movement and maybe make some more cool object movements but the render is killing me.. maybe next time i'll do a better one.



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  1. teruskan usaha dik!..
    saya yakin kamu akan pergi jauh suatu hari nanti :)

  2. keep workin'!
    love your short film...
    anyway good luck!esok result keluar..
    syafiq,pakai software apa.?

  3. Ajami: thanks bro.

    nanie:pakai software 3d studio max dan after effects..