I love this song so much that i made a fan made music video for it! haha!! It's called "PELITA" by A.P.I (Hujan, Meet Uncle Hussein, Butter fingers). I shot this music video before I shot 'HANTU TAKDE KEPALA" but I didn't like the outcome of this music video.. This music video is my worst work! I hate it!! I didn't want to post it but if i don't, then this would just be a waste of my time.. so i post it! Me and my crew( i mean my cousins..haha!) had the worst shooting experience ever for this mv. We had lots of problems making it, i mean the weather was killing me and suddenly my phone that was used for playing the music was out of battery so we had to stop shooting. After an hour the battery problem was solved but the sky was not the same anymore!! arrgghh!!! And we had no tripod so the footage was shaky...hhmm.. But you know what? At least i can learn from this problems and do better next time! so just wait and see! The best is yet to come!


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  1. wah..nasib baik music video fan made..buat saja-saja suka-suka lah ea?pening jap,tengok kamera tu shoot asik berpusing-pusing.kira okey dari takda..memang best pon lagu pelita tuh kan..

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