Filem pendek aku yang paling banyak bercakap..haha!! Bagi aku filem ni agak boring skit sebab aku cuma nak test camera baru aku. Camera eos 550d memang bagus dan akan aku gunakan untuk short film aku yang akan datang insyaallah...

canon eos 550d
colour graded & edited in sony vegas 10
vfx in after effects cs4



Aesthetics Magazine is my first client for corporate videography. I shot this video at a studio in Damansara where they were having a photoshoot session for the magazine. So , to anyone out there who wants to watch my videography sample video, this is it! This is my first videography and I know there is a lot of flaws but I'll improve from time to time. "The best is yet to come..."

Aesthetics Magazine Photoshoot Video

Syafiq Yusof is a professional videographer for weddings, corporate videos, events, music videos and short films.

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