Sorry guys for not been posting lately. I'm so busy with work! aarrgghh!! Can you imagine doing multiple jobs at workplace? goshh!! I do acting, directing, editing and visual fx at the same time! Plus I'm still studying at college!!! It's hard and full of stress, but you know what? I kindda like it..hhmm... because to me, having a rich dad doesn't mean I can sit back and relax, it means i need I need to work harder! If my dad is successful, than i should be his SUCCESSOR! God give me strength ..Alhamdulillah... Ya Allah thank you for everything... There is a "hikmah" behind everything that happens..


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  1. rezeki tu . Alhamdulillah . good luck in your future . to be a director its not easy . it might take 6 yrs b4 u becoming a director . but u r so lucky to be a director at ur age . keep up a good work

  2. wait, so meaning to say your the only one who's in charge of doing all of the vfx?? have some crew doing that vfx.

  3. whaa, so meaning to say your in charge of everything?? Gosh, i know doing all of those vfx is time consuming, get a crew to do those vfx like freddiew did~