This music video was made for my 3rd semester assignment in KLMU. Well, the video is okay la.... not my best work yet. 2 people involved in the making of this mv, me and my friend Muhammad Rifqi. We had no idea at all, no storyboard, no nothing main langgar jer..haha! This was made in two hours, the kl night shots were just stock footages. Thanks to Rifqi for the great camera work!

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6 Responses so far.

  1. so cool XD i likeeee (:

  2. nice video :)

  3. tiba2 leh jadi lagu fave aku. huhu

  4. bro,,,,kau kene ajar aku nak buat vid camni...Perghh kau kate ni bukan the best....

  5. Bro u memang cool...Aja gua,brother.

  6. smart ! :))