So, the secret project is.... I'm directing a feature film this july! The title is SAM. A story about a man, a woman and a psychotic kidnapper! Its produced by Skop productions and GB. The film will be written, directed and edited by me. The main actors are Shaheizy Sam, Lisa Surihani, Syamsul Yusof and Azad Jazmin. This is not a short film, Its a full feature film 1 hour 30 mins long so ya, I'm gonna need a long time. What about my college? well I'll have to postpone my 4th semester to make this film. 1 month pre-production, 28 days to shoot, and 2 month for post production. There's gonna be lots of work! and I mean LOTS of work! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim....

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  1. good luck bro..

  2. GOOD LUCK! hehe

  3. congratez bro!!

  4. Tahniah.. Mesti hebat filem ni nanti.. Huhuhu..

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  5. WWWWWOOOOWWWW !!! congratz !

  6. wish u luck bro...congrazt..

    sorang lagi pewaris dato' yusof yang bakal mengegarkan industri perfileman malaysia...

  7. good luck..SAM stand for??

  8. congrate..

  9. thanks!

  10. All the best, bang!

  11. kau anak yusuf ha gak ke. gud luck

  12. All the best bro! =)