So, as you guys know, KL GANGSTER is gonna be out in cinemas all across Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei this 9th of june! but I've already watched it at the premire ;-p hehe.. Alhamdulillah.. The premiere went well and we got awesome positive responses from the press and bloggers. Actually.. It went really really well! I mean everybody at the movie premiere liked it. My family was very pleased receiving positive comments from the audience. Again, we thank Allah s.w.t.


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  1. congratz! ur family is a great movie maker. hope satu hari nanti ko pun boleh ikut jejak diorang. tak sabar nak tengok muvi ni kat panggung :)

  2. hope this film will be the best film in this tak da lah berat hati sangat nak pegi tengok..Good luck for skop production..~i pray the best for u all..~

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  4. tq to all

  5. xsabar nk tgk citer ni...btw, all da best in ur carrier bro..!

  6. dah tengok movie ni..besttttt!! congrats! :)

  7. KL Gangster sama hebat seperti Young and Dangerous filem Hong Kong tu.... TipTop..